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Barbecue¡¢Party¡¢Fishing in sea ¡­¡­

¡¾Blue House¡¿ If you want to barbecue¡¢party,fishing is sea please contact us 2 days before.

¡¾Blue House¡¿ After 12:00 PM, we stop every actions for sleeping.

Barbecue :50 RMB for each oven,10 RMB for each person, charcoal,brush, barbecue sauce,brush is charged with cost.

Party:10 RMB for each person. Free used of video¡¢music¡¢magazine and so on.

Fishing in sea:100 RMB for each person, minimum 8 persons. Supply free launch or dinner. It takes about 4 house.

First Step: Call us at 0592-2196677 tell us the date, name, cell phone and the activity want.

Second Step: we will tell you does it possible at that time and the deposit you need to remit to us.

Third Step: Remit the deposit the card as follow: China Construction Bank Xiamen Branch 4367 4219 3003 4294 601 Lin zhiming

Forth Step: Send short message to my cell phone at 13055226688
Form: I booked X month X day XXX for XX(activity), my name is XXX,I have remit deposit xxx to your card, please check it.

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