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Food and Drink
Snack Drink   Meal Flower tea
Fruit salad Coca-cola Beef curry rice Chrysanthemum
Tuna fish salad Sprite Chicken curry rice Lavender tea
Vegetable salad Tsingtao Beer Mushroom & Pork Rice PARISIAN
Fruit platter But Lone Eel rice Ice Plum juic
Plum & Tomatoes Chivas Saury rice Roselle
Young soya bean Bailey's Italian Spaghetti Black Tea
Ice olive Heineken Creamy Corn (Thick) Soup Fruit tea
Fig Red Wine 2002-Argentina Chicken Mash &Mushrooms Soup Lemon grass
Squid silk Red Wine 2000-Argentina   Jasmine flower tea
Dried beef slices Red Wine 1999-Argentina   Herb Tea
Toast Karafuto-shishamo Red Wine 1998-Argentina  
Toast Saury Lemon With Soda    
Ice Cream Mandheling    
Spicy Dried fish Blue Mountain    
  Latte Coffee    
  Cappachino Coffee    
  Italy coffee    
  American Coffee    

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